This is the Website of Cymdeithas Y Dalar, the Llandeilo Allotment Community Project.
“Cymdeithas Y Dalar” is affectionately known by its members
as simply “CYD” and that is how it is usually identified on this site.


Allotment Plots.
From November 2018 there is a waiting list.
The plots will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Please put your name down if you want an Allotment.
Contact Margaret Nicholls mags@gn.apc.org
Visit Mags in the Green Shop in Llandeilo
on Mondays, Thursdays & Saturdays

We are also on facebook
Log into your facebook & search for
CYD Allotment Members and Friends
Please Join Us

Spaces in the polytunnels
Spaces in the two polytunnels have now been allocated to those plotholders who requested them. For details of the allocations, please click here.

Thinking Of Joining CYD?
If you are thinking of joining CYD, please go the, “CYD DOCUMENTS” for all members”. This is available in either English or Welsh. Whether you are an experienced vegetable grower, an enthusiastic beginner or somewhere in between, you will be most welcome as a member of Cymdeithas Y Dalar. Currently the cost of membership is £2 per year and if you are allocated an allotment plot, the rent is £30 annually.
Once you have decided that you would like to join us, please complete an Application Form.

How to use the Site
To discover more about a particular aspect of CYD, simply click on one of the tabs across the top of each page. Those portions of text shown in blue are links to other parts of the site and a single click on it will take you to the relevant section.

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